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Armacell Product Selector
Structural Foam

Armacell PET composite foam cores for use in Wind TurbinesThe lightweight core foams for strong structures

Manufacturers that seek to compete globally in the medium and long term have to be open to new market opportunities and new materials. Armacell’s PET foams for composite applications are a material solution that might just give your products the competitive edge. Our rigid, engineered ArmaForm® structural foam is a lightweight core foam that is ideal for such weight-sensitive products as wind turbine blades.

PET (Polyethylene-Terephthalate) is widely known and familiar to consumers in the form of PET bottles. Yet this is only one area of application for this lightweight recyclable thermoplast. PET foam has many more possibilities as a core material.  It is a potential alternative to PVC, SAN, and PMI foams, as well as balsa and honeycombs.

Wind TurbineLike these more well-known materials, PET foam board has an impressive ratio of density to stability. It is lightweight and flexible, yet stable. It also offers excellent compressive strength and temperature resistance.


  • Wind Energy

  • Building & Construction

  • Transport

  • Marine

  • General Industry

For more information on PET structural foam, please visit our Core Foams website.

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